Praise for Swing Thoughts

Swing Thoughts is a remarkably concise, yet comprehensive observation of the parallels between the game of golf and a well-lived Christian life…

With refreshing humility and transparency, David Felts takes us from the links of Saint Andrews to the marshes of Harbour Town while helping us understand and apply the fundamental principles of the Christian faith. In an entertaining one-hour read for beginner to advanced golfer as well as spiritual seeker to mature Believer, David uses engaging personal stories and the Holy Scriptures to share how our lives can positively influence the lives of others. It’s a ‘must read’ for anyone with a love for the game of golf and desire to pursue more meaningful relationships with others along with a rich and abundant life in Christ.”
- Kevin Latty, Co-Founder, SoulyBusiness

“David has cleverly taken thoughts we apply to an aspect of our lives many men spend too much time thinking about … and applied them to an area many don’t spend enough time thinking about. Perhaps the simple applications he provides will help us to get our thought lives in proper balance.””
- David Cardenas, Partner, Olympus Partners

“Golf, like faith, is a life-long game that requires patience, focus, commitment, practice and…the hardest part…relaxation. After accumulating all life’s lessons, you ultimately need to let the muscle memory take over. David Felts’ wonderful and concise book gives us a few simple swing thoughts for how to live a life filled with faith. He then encourages us to just clear our minds. And to swing.”
- Bill Antholis, Managing Director, the Brookings Institution

Swing Thoughts is simply outstanding. I pray that it will go viral more quickly than we “average golfers” can possibly imagine. There are billions of duffers on our rock who will be inspired and encouraged by reading it and sharing it with their foursomes.
- Bert Smith, Executive Director,
Prison Entrepreneurship Program

“David Felts has figured out the spiritual intersection of the games of golf and life. After reading his book, I’m quite certain that you will see some parallels that help you both on and off the course.”
- David Ingram, Chairman and President,
Ingram Entertainment Inc.

Swing Thoughts is as important to have close at hand in life, as a yardage book is on the golf course. I have witnessed David’s passion to love and serve others well. His wisdom from experience is captured in these short devotions, each one packing a powerful life application that promises much fruit when put into action.”.”
- Stanton Lanier, Pianist of Peace

The game of golf is richly entertaining to play and to watch. After reading Swing Thoughts, I will never see the game the same again. Seeing the game through the lens of this book goes from entertaining to life changing. Profound and clever insights connected to common occurrences. Illustrations that really stick with you. This book will improve the most important game any of us play…the game of life!!! The Bible tells us that we must constantly renew our minds…Swing Thoughts will do just that—in a way that will improve your life!!!”
- David Salyers, Vice President Marketing, Chick-fil-A, Inc.;
co-author, Remarkable!

“Swing Thoughts may or may not improve my golf game. I’m a duffer at best! But for sure my faith walk has encountered ‘swing thoughts’ that have impacted the way I will live my life going forward. On and off the course.”
- Dennis Worden, Worden Associates,
Editor/Publisher of The Chase

“I love David Felts and his new book. You will be blessed to read and take to heart his points of instruction and inspiration. Enjoy!”
- Boyd Bailey, Co-founder, CEO, Ministry Ventures; Founder,
President, Wisdom Hunters

“I’ve known David for thirty years: believe me when I tell you I never imagined that his golf game would yield learnings for the rest of us! But he’s proven that even a bad day on the course can lead to worthwhile life lessons.”
- Tim Ingrassia, Co-Chair, Global M&A, Goldman Sachs & Co.

“Swing Thoughts reflects the keen, witty, deeply insightful, thoughtful and practical nature of its writer. It is filled with little treasures of wisdom that are priceless practical guides for life. It is a book to read prayerfully with God in order to mine all of its true worth. It will change the way you think if you let it…”
- Larry Green, Servant, Cloud Walk Ministries (www.cloudwalk.org);
Co-Founder, SoulyBusiness

“In Swing Thoughts, my friend David has connected golf and Christian faith in very thoughtful ways. Even as a non-golfer myself, I relate strongly to many of his comparisons between a difficult game and the difficulties of life.”
- Zach Young, Headmaster, Wesleyan School

Swing Thoughts is fun, honest and encouraging. David Felts shows us how to use lessons from a game we love (golf) to improve our relationship with Jesus Christ and others. If you like golf and want to serve our Lord, you will love this book and benefit greatly from it!”
- Bart Newman, author of Because of Baghdad: What a Father
Would Say About Life, if He Didn’t Come Home to Say It

“From the authentic heart of a mature follower of Jesus, this little book can bring God’s technicolor to what can be an intense black and white game. I’ll give Swing Thoughts to every golfer I know!”
- Regi Campbell, Entrepreneur, Founder of Radical Mentoring, and author of About My Father’s Business and Mentor like Jesus (www.radicalmentoring.com)

“I didn’t really know golf until the last tour of my Air Force career. As commander of Nellis Air Force Base, Nevada, I played our base course frequently with a group of retired Airmen—and David’s Swing Thoughts encapsulate most of what I learned about companionship and leadership in 24+ years as a fighter pilot, commander, and average golfer. What a great, quick read for anyone looking to refocus their game and their life.”
- Col. David Belote (ret.), former base commander, Nellis Air Force Base

“In golf, and in our journeys of faith, there are transcendent moments of triumph, and also of abject failure. David’s simple words of wisdom encourage us to keep swinging, and to enjoy the beauty of the round, and of life!”
- Dave Stockert, Chief Executive Officer, Post Properties